About Us

The Newmarket Charitable Foundation was formed with a simple vision – to help create a thriving Newmarket for the whole community.

Built upon the foundations created by the team that drove the Newmarket Festival’s fundraising activities, we are now expanding those activities to fund and facilitate high impact projects to help improve and develop Newmarket for the benefit of everyone in the town.

This is where the Newmarket Charitable Foundation comes in!

We work in partnership to develop a coherent and united approach to facilitate, and create opportunities to shape a thriving, sustainable Newmarket and push forward transformation that the whole community will benefit from.

Our work focuses on improving three key pillars of activity:

The charity works across political, business and community organisations to unite our efforts and represent the whole community, focusing on three key pillars of activity:



Town Infrastructure

The relief of hardship and poverty. Establishing and supporting facilities that promote arts, sport & culture

Providing educational opportunities to enhance employability and quality of life across the community

Facilitating the delivery of projects to make Newmarket a truly thriving town, a fabulous place to live, work or visit

If you would like to work with the Foundation to achieve this vision, we would love to hear from you.