Newmarket Day Centre benefits from donation

Newmarket Day Centre Christmas Donation

In late 2022, Newmarket Charitable Foundation donated a sum of £2,000 to Newmarket Day Centre to help support the delivery of Christmas Food Parcels and a present to the older community of Newmarket and the surrounding Villages on Christmas day.

Newmarket Charitable Foundation (NCF) supporters volunteered to turn up on Christmas day as Santa’s little helpers. The NCF “Elves” delivered the parcels and presents to those in the community who are housebound, have limited mobility or are lonely over Christmas.

Veronica Fixe of the Day Centre said: “It was great to recognise this period, and we thank NCF for their financial and team support for our Christmas Day deliveries. For those in the community who are lonely, remember that it is not true that you have to be alone to be lonely. You could be living with your partner or spouse and still be lonely. It may be that you are looking after your husband or wife who has dementia, and it might be that they do not recognise you anymore or cannot converse with you. So, we recognise that loneliness strikes at any time, not just over the Christmas period. We encourage anyone who feels lonely at any time of the year to pick up the phone or pop in and see us at the Newmarket Day Centre. We can help support you or signpost you to the appropriate organisations.” 

The presentation was made by NCF Director, Dave Hall and Trustee, Sarah Howard to Aidan Walmsley and Sue Clark of Newmarket Day Centre.

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