Enjoying the summer at Portland House

NCF donates to Open Door charity in Newmarket

Newmarket-based charity, Open Door applied to Newmarket Charitable Foundation for a donation to help support the renovation of an outdoor space at the charity’s property, Portland House.

Open Door Director Matthew Tee said: “We have been supporting a group of our young men to improve their environment. Specifically, they are working hard to renovate an outdoor space at Portland House to enjoy in the warmer weather, and the challenge was to lay a lawn where they have cleared weeds and rubbish.  We are delighted that the NCF was able to provide the funds to complete the project.”

Jamie, Archie and Will have cleared the outside area which was wildly overgrown and arranged the laying of the turf.  Now for the summer house and the area under the pergola!

In image, NCF Director Dave Hall and from Open Door, Jamie Doran, Archie Mill, Will Humphreys and Tracey Dore.

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